Our community is our people, and those people help forge who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

Our membership take responsibility for representing a core pillar of the community by offering a seasoned perspective; thereby contributing to the growth and development of the entire community. From humble beginnings in back-yards and living rooms and helping hands of associate organizations, such as the local Lion’s club, to the flourishing membership we enjoy today, we represent a spectrum of talent and ability that only the 50+ perspective can provide. An important under-pining of our organization is the component of building seniors’ leadership capacity. Ongoing program evaluation results in renewed confidence in our abilities and capabilities to integrate into the community. We are a community organization and serve our local communities’ people.

Volunteerism is the corner-stone of how we operate. It is through people, both members and local citizens alike, that drive our organization’s engine. Our membership takes care of the fundamentals, but we also need and welcome ties with community-minded citizens and organizations. We believe this effort will foster a more inclusive community for all.

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