Let’s Fill the Food Bank Bin

In  mid-June, we will be placing the Saanich  Peninsula red Food Bank bin in the  lounge area for a couple of weeks. 

The Saanich Peninsula Food Bank  provides food hampers to those in need, distributing more than $410,000 in food  per year.  

When you support the Saanich Peninsula  Food Bank, you are ensuring that hungry people in your community get the  support, assistance and help they need. the Food Bank website 

The most-needed items are: 

• Canned meat, beans, vegetables, fruit, and tomatoes • Pasta and pasta sauce 

• Cookies and crackers  • Kraft dinner and dried soups • Jam and peanut butter 

• Rice   • School snacks  • Boost/Ensure  • Juice  • Hot and cold cereal 

• Kleenex  • Disinfectant wipes  • Laundry soap and dish soap 

• Personal hygiene products  • Toilet paper  • Side Kicks/Hamburger  Helpers 

The Food Bank cannot and will not  accept any food donations dated older  than six months. They will also not  accept opened packages. Please ensure  your donation has not expired.  

Thank you to Pamela Brambell who has  volunteered to ensure our donations are  delivered to the Food Bank. 

Let’s “Fill the Bin” and support this very  worthy cause.

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